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Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump service

Air-to-Air Heat Pump
Water Source Heat Pump
Geothermal Heat pump

Air Source Heat Pump is one of the greeners alternatives cheap way to change your home climate. 
The main source for Head pumps is Air. All Air source Heat pump only use outside air even In the coldest or warmest weather and convert them to cold or warm weather. Basically, they work the same as fridges and Air-conditioning but in reverse.

How air source heat pumps work
 The unit is absorbing heat from the air into a liquid refrigerant 
 In the process, the fluid convert to gas

 The pump compresses this gas by electricity, heating it up 
 your Home heating system use transferred heat –  for your
radiators, underfloor heating, or warm air convectors and hot water

Heat Pump Repair Services

with over 10 years of experience and graduated in Design and plan commercial and domestic Heat pump although we do repair all kind of domestic and commercial Heat pump for our regular customer and new costumers. Air Cold UK with experienced engineers can repair all kinds of Air source Heat pump, Water source Heat pump and Ground Heat pump.
Air Cold UK engineer's equipped with the thermal camera, at the first look able to troubleshooting the heat pump system.

Air Cold Uk Heat pump engineers carry out troubleshooting reports on heat pumps for clients and insurance companies detailing every aspect of the system, 

In various situations, after years heat pumps break down and need repair because new heat pumps need constructions works and it will have cost for you.
Sometimes heat pump sensor failed or Heat pump filters have blocked and need repair.

Repairs Domestic and Commercial Air Source Heat pump

In case your Air source or water source heat pump needs repair and required construction work. Air Cold Uk professional construction team include the plumberelectrician and carpenter same day or the next day will be available in your pleasant house or your commercial unit.
Les then a couple of hours, they crave the place to allow heat pump engineers to carry out their job.
They will clean and tide that area after repair service even better, properly secure and tidy than before.

Our construction team consistently work with our heat pump engineers with an equipped van, their ability suitable for even industrial and commercial units.

Our engineers make you sure your Heat pump after repair receive 1kW electrical power input and gives 3kW high-temperature heat.
Heap pump repair
Heat pump Thermal
Heat pump repair
Not Cooling

Not Cooling

If your unit turns ON but is not producing cool or warm air, your Heat pump might have a gas leak and it needs to inspect by us to repair.
No Power

No Power

You should check your Main box Power first, otherwise, we have to inspect your Heat Pump electric main unit to repair it.
Bad Smell

Bad Smell

If your Heat Pump smells gas, As Soon as possible our engineers need to inspect and repair. Gas leakage the man factor of the hazard
Noisy Unit

Noisy Unit

If you hear your Heat Pump is noisy, it may damage your unit in long term. We advise you to inspect your Heat Pump unit ASAP.
Low performance

Low performance

If your Heat Pump has low performances, it may have less gas pressure. You need to Refrigerant charge.
Gas Leak

Gas Leak

If you smell gas or provide reduced efficiency, it may have leakage problem, As soon As possible engineers need to inspect and repair.
heat pump repair cost

How much it cost Heat Pump Service?Repair or Installation Heat Pump cost

We will do diagnostic and troubleshooting checks in our visit and most of the failures and breakdowns are about parts. We normally charge our costumers for call-out charge in case you don't need a new spare part, otherwise, you will charge more for new part order or we let you know which part needs to change and you can order by yourself and we do change or replace for you. 

The main additional cost for a new spare part, on some occasion specifically your floor need construction works to access the floor heat pump lines.

But we have Free online booking that leads you to get free estimate quote to repair your home or commercial unit Heat pump in London

You can contact us now by book appointment or call us to get a Free estimate quote.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air-to-Air source heat pump draws in air from the outside
Water Source heat Pump Installation

Water Source heat Pump Installation

Water sources Heat pump move heat from a source of water to your household
Geothermal Heat pump Installation

Geothermal Heat pump Installation

A ground source or geothermal Heat pump extracts heat from the ground to heat up your home
Cold Room installation

Covered Area in London for Air conditioningAir Cold UK Coverage Areas

Air Cold UK as a trading name of 'Home Mat Ltd.' cover all UK for providing commercial project such as Cold Room installation and repair also maintenance our customers out of London.
Air Cold Uk pioneer in Design and planing Cold Rooms vital systems in the air conditioning industry, completed from A to Z include construction works all over the UK.
Please click on "London Covered Area" bottom to see what area we covered for Air conditioning and refrigerator services in London.

Online Booking | Estimation quote | Consult advise

All above you are eligible to get Free, We have Free consult advice and Free Online appointment and Free estimate quote.
You can also call us directly by our Emergency contact number.
Air-Con services
Air Cold Uk Ltd.
Provide Air conditioning and Refrigerant Repair and Installation services
Registered in England and Wales #13479306

Registered Address: 3 Sunny Place, London, NW4 1RS

Emergency Number : 07445085015
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